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The Partnership Process

As a doula partnership, we maintain our independent entities but provide a collaborative support network of birth doulas to be present through your labor process. 

Image by Arteida MjESHTRI

The benefits of working as a partnership allows us as doulas to maintain healthy boundaries over our needs as individuals and with our respective families. We are then able to offer a high quality of care to our clients guaranteeing they will receive a fresh doula at their birth who can be fully present and offer the support they need to achieve a positive and beautiful birth experience.

As doulas, we have committed to common values and provide consistent support across the board. Each doula may have a different personality or slightly different spin on her care, but we maintain a high level of continuing education in providing the best holistic education and support to help you achieve your ideal birth!

You get to choose your primary doula and hire them independently. Your doula will meet with you twice throughout your pregnancy to help you prepare for birth and be a continuous resource throughout pregnancy to help you navigate the system and educate you on options offering referrals when necessary.

We routinely host "Meet the Doula" events where you can meet and get to know the other doulas who are on call around the time of your birth. 
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We request that all of our clients attend an approved childbirth education class so that you are optimally prepared to navigate the labor process. 

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